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On a mission to rid the board of idiocy since 2008, harder than predicted.

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Re: Someone is preparing a £10 million bid for Smalling
I reckon he is probably the best if not 2nd best defender we have. Bailly and possibly Lindelof are more...
Re: Game of Thrones (spoilers) enter at your own risk.
Other Topic Euron Greyjoy is a fuuuuckin bad ass. *** slapped them sand vipers like they were nothing...
Re: Game of Thrones (spoilers) enter at your own risk.
[quote user="mu_danny89"][quote user="fernando426"]so a colleague just put forth...
Re: United vs Mad
[quote user="scholesytheidiotslayer"][quote user="gav81"][quote user="scholesytheidiotslayer"...
Re: hard window or ed proving his worth yet again
[quote user="saul toogoodman."]Apparently we are now being linked with Marco Asensio! I have...

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